This is a powerful blend of herbs that are known as Adaptogens - designed to  help the body become more resilient to stress & help the body adapt to the physical demands stress has on the body. 


Each herb in this blend has been chosen for it restorative, tonic effects on the adrenals & whole body. 


Tulsi - Known as the queen of herbs, holy basil aka Tulsi is a powerful herb to support the whole body in times of stress. 

Gotu kola - Used for thousands of years, known as the herb for longevity, gotu kola helps the body to overcome stress whilst supporting memory

Oats - Nervous system tonic, nutrient rich herb to nourish the whole body 

Rosehip - Rich in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for adreanal health 

Licorice root - Adrenal restorative herb, supporting the adrenal cortex.

Echinacea - Tonic herb, increases the body's inheret powers of resistance

Adapta Tea Blend

  • Brew 1 heaped teaspoon in 200ml of boiling water - allow to sit for 10 minutes then enhoy the healing power of herbs. 

  • Caution with this blend for anyone sensitive to gluten