This beautiful blend is designed to supporting healthy glowing skin! 


The herbs in this blend have a special affiliation for the lymphatic system & help to ease acne & pimples  - 


Calendula flowers  - My number herb for skin healing, it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties & antibacterial to help the skin glow from the inside out.

Chamomile flowers - another beautiful healing herb, chamomile also help with digestion & liver clearance which can impact healthy skin. 

Nettle leaf - Rich in iron & calcium this herb is great for addressing blood loss,  helps with fluid retention & bloating. 

Gotu kola - the best herb to stop keloid scarring, Gotu kola is an amazing skin herb, which also support digestive & liver health for a full body glow! 

Echinacea - a specific lymphatic herb, especailly good for clearing acne due to it's antibacterial & blood purifer effects

Rosehips - rich in vitamin C helping the body to produce collagen, which is absolutley essential for healthy glowing skin

Glow Herbal Blend

  • Brew 1 heaped teaspoon per 200ml of boiling water - let steep for at least 10 minutes then enjoy the healing power of herbs! 

  • Caution with allergic reaction to the echinacea in this tea blend - especially if there is an allergic reaction to the daisy family.