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The Botanical Tea Blend designed for the True Brown eye who can often have a predisposition for health issues involving the blood & digestive system - they tend to suffer with gut issues like constipation, excess gas & reflux as well as developing viscous blood & rapid circulation. 


Made with traditional herbal medicines that have been used to support heart digestion & circulatory health.


Organic ingredients include - Holy basil, Gotu kola, Cinnamon, Dandelion root, Rosehips & Ginger root


Learn more about each herb in this powerful Circulation supporting tea - 


Holy basil - a powerful Indian herb Holy basil/Tulsi helps support heart function, boost circulation in the body to support cholesterol levels & blood pressure. 


Gotu kola - is beautiful for supporting digestion by healing & soothing, help combat the increased acidity in the gut & effectively heal stomach aches. Gotu kola supports circulation by increasing blood flow throughout the body, it is a powerful blood cleanser and has been used to treat high blood pressure & circulatory ailments.


Cinnamon - improves our blood circulation, which in turn solves digestion issues, joint pains and many other health problems. It is naturally sweet & helps to lower blood glucose levels in the blood. Cinnamon also contains coumarin, a powerful blood-thinning agent to help support blood circulation throughout the body. 


Dandelion root - dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. It also helps balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn and soothe digestive issues. 


Rosehip - The nutrients in rose hips, especially the Vitamin C & antioxidants help to lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, aid digestion, and regulate blood pressure. 


Ginger - there's very little this herb can't do, It is immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory & blood purifying. In this blend it acts as synergist to bring all the herbs together & enhance their potency. 

Heart Tonic Tea

  • Infuse 1 -2 teaspoons in 1 cup of hot water (not boiling) for 5-10 minutes

    Because this tea contains herbs with volatile oils it is best to infuse this tea with a lid over the top to keep the medicinal benefits at it's highest. 

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