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Welcome to our Herbal First Aid Kit, where you will learn about 8 powerful herbal medicines with a wide and broad-reaching benefit.


These herbs can be used as your first line of defense in treating common ailments and injuries.


This kit will help you learn how to safely use these 8 herbs and how to make recipes that will support your family in times of need.


Whether it's a minor cut, a headache, or a stomach ache, these herbal remedies will be essential in your home first aid kit.


Join us and become a proficient home herbalist with the knowledge to confidently treat your family's health concerns.

Herbal First Aid Kit

  • You will receive the following, when you purchase this kit. 

    *Ebook Reference guide with all the information on how to safely & effectively use each herb

    * Recording of the Course Notes with in-depth information about each herb in the course. 

    *25ml Herbal Medicine Tinctures of each Herb with Some Bonus Bulk Herbs included for Tea options. 

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