This is a beautiful blend of herbs used to support a women during her monthly cycle. 


The herbs in this blend have a special affiliation for balancing hormones - 


Raspberry leaf - Uterine tonic with anti-spasmodic & calmative effects - helps to ease period cramps. 

Ladies mantle - Menstrual regulator & helps ease heavy period bleed. 

Lemon balm - Nervine herb with an allifiation with the digestive system, helps ease insomnia , irritability & low mood. 

Nettle leaf - Rich in iron & calcium this herb is great for addressing blood loss,  helps with fluid retention & bloating. 

Rose - herb to "raise the spirits & calm the heart", menstrual regulator & mild sedative to help with PMS symptoms. 

Ginger - warming herb, calming for the digestive system & calminative - easing period pain. 

Lady Time Blend

  • Brew 1 heaped teaspoon per 200ml of boiling water - let steep for at least 10 minutes then enjoy the healing power of herbs! 

  • This herbal tea blend is NOT SAFE in pregnancy!