Rich in essential fatty acids and carotenoids including lycopene, a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant to assist in skin renewal and repair


This oil is rehydrating, moisturising and revitalising to dry skin, it helps to nourish and repairs razor damaged skin, reduces the appearance of premature ageing skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines, encourages regeneration and renewal of skin cells and is effective against stretch marks and scarring, protects the integrity of skin from harmful elements such as pollution, chemicals and harsh weather conditions. 


Wild Rose Hip fruits are ripened on the plant before they are harvested and collected for processing. The small internal seeds are removed from the skins and hairy fibres before cold pressing to extract the nutritious oil.


Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • Simply apply a small amount to freshly washed skin as your night time moisturiser. 

    Avoid using this oil with acne prone skin.

  • To ensure this oil stays as pure as possible - keep away from direct sunlight.