Tamanu oil’s special composition of anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial agents has generated scientific interest regarding positive effects it may have on hard to treat skin disorders. 


Rich in essential fatty acids, sterols, lactones and unique synergistic health-giving compounds. It refreshes compromised skin that has suffered from over exposure to harsh elements such as sun, wind, chemicals and pollutants, helps to reduce acne scarring, promotes the formation of new skin tissue and improves the appearance of visible scars


Delivers comforting, soothing relief to distressed and common skin complaints - partically useful for cold sores, shingles, fungal skin conditions & acne. 


Tamanu seed kernel oil has been traditionally recognised by Pacific islanders for its amazing, yet non-invasive healing properties.

Tamanu Seed Oil

  • Simply apply a small amount to freshly washed skin as your night time moisturiser. 



  • To ensure this oil stays as pure as possible - keep away from direct sunlight. 

    NOT REFINED This oil is not refined so natural sediment may be present at bottom of bottle.

    IN COLD TEMPERATURES The oil may freeze or solidify. If so, simply run hot water over bottle to melt the oil.