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This Glycetract is designed to boost memory & cogntion & support brain energy. 

Meet the healing herbs in this mix - 


Gotu kola - known as "the elixir of life", it has been used for 

  • Strengthening worn out bodies & brains
  • General debility & decline 
  • Revitalising nerve & brain cells 
  • Promoting calmness & mental clarity 
  • Boosting memory & concentration 
  • Helps to balance the left & right brain hemispheres 
  • Renewing mental alterness, clarity & energy levels 


Peppermint - 

  • Boost motivation 
  • Improves cognitive function & memory recall 
  • Improves mental clarity and increases focus
  • Fights mental fatigue 
  • Decreases frustration and greater levels of alertness while driving
  • Natural ADHD treatment - to calm the brain whilst allowing mental focus & attention. 
  • Headache & migraine support  


Lemon balm - 

  • To strengthen the brain - building nervous system resistence 
  • Increases the amount of GABA available in the brain 
  • Boost mood - depression 
  • Combines well with peppermint for digestive support - GUT - brain link 



Herbal BrainTonic 50ml

  • The Brain Tonic glycetract is a safe, alcohol free tincture, that has a mild minty herbal flavour.

    It can be take directly into the mouth, mixed with water or tea. 

    Recommended dosage: 30drops 3 times a day - or as required when you need a brain boost. 

    Ingredients: Organic dried lemon balm, peppermint & Gotu kola leaves, in a base of  palm-free vegetable glycerine & spring water. 

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