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A Botanical Tea rich in Tonic Herbs that have a high mineral content - especially rich in iron. 


This blend is beautiful to drink as a daily tonic to support healthy iron levels - which in turn will support energy. 


The organic herbs in this blend include - Raspberry leaf, Nettle Leaf, Cats claw, Withania & Hibiscuis. 


Raspberry leaf - one of the highest mineral content herbs - especially useful for low iron states & general debility. 


Nettle leaf - no plant is more useful in domestic medicine - Nettle is well known for being a herb with high concentration of vitamins & minerals & is especially good for boosting iron. 


Hibiscuis - Rich in vitamin C to help support the absorption of iron into the cells - hibiscuis also adds a nice tangy taste of this herbal tea blend


Cats claw - a tonic herb especially great for the immune system - it is in the mix due to its ability to support DNA & has long been used to support chronic fatigue. 


Withania - wildely known herb for its benefits in supporting the nervous system & calming anxiety - withania is also very high in minerals especially iron, so it fits beautifully in this iron tonic tea. 

Iron Tonic Tea

  • Infuse 1 tablespoon in hot water, overnight & either drink it cold or warm the next day - this is an infusion to ensure the most nutrients are absorbed from the tea leafs. 

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