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This Iron Tonic Tea is a carefully crafted blend of botanical herbs that are rich in iron and other essential minerals.


The combination of herbs, such as raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, cats claw, Oats green and hibiscus, work together to provide a natural and gentle way to boost iron levels and support overall energy and vitality.


Whether you need a little extra iron support or simply want to enjoy the benefits of these tonic herbs, this iron tonic tea is a delicious and nourishing choice.


Sip on this herbal tea daily to feel energized, support memory, and promote overall wellness.


Elevate your tea routine with this potent and flavorful iron tonic tea.


Heres some of the benefits of each herb inside this blend-


Raspberry leaf - one of the highest mineral content herbs - especially useful for low iron states & general debility. 


Nettle leaf - no plant is more useful in domestic medicine - Nettle is well known for being a herb with high concentration of vitamins & minerals & is especially good for boosting iron. 


Hibiscuis - Rich in vitamin C to help support the absorption of iron into the cells - hibiscuis also adds a nice tangy taste of this herbal tea blend


Cats claw - a tonic herb especially great for the immune system - it is in the mix due to its ability to support DNA & has long been used to support chronic fatigue. 


Oats Green - a deeply nourishing herbal tonic rich in iron & essential minerals 


Iron Tonic Tea

  • Infuse 1 tablespoon in hot water, overnight & either drink it cold or warm the next day - this is an infusion to ensure the most nutrients are absorbed from the tea leafs. 

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