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A hormone balancing blend designed to support a women during her monthly moon cycle. 

The herbs in this blend have a special affiliation for balancing hormones,  easing menstrual pain  & lightened a heavy period.


I recommend sipping on this tea whenever you start to feel those "hormonal" mood shifts coming on. 


The organic herbs in this blend are  - Raspberry leaf, yarrow, lemon balm, chamomile, rose & ginger


Raspberry leaf - is a beautiful uterine tonic herb that helps to nourish the reproductive organs & ease menstrual cramps. This tea add depth to this blend with a taste similar to a fruity earl grey tea. 


Yarrow - in this blend for it's astringent & hormone balancing benefits, it also helps to support the digestive system which is usful during those premenstrual digestive changes. Yarrow has a beautiful smell & sweet flavour making it lift this beautiful hormone blend.


Lemon balm -In this blend for it's  calming effect on the body, lemon balm also has a hormone balancing effect & can even help to boost libido & ease menstrual cramps. Coming from the mint family lemon balm has a bright citrusy taste which brings both the acidicty of lemons & the freshness of mint. 


Chamomile - a beautiful calming herb for the nervous system, chamomile also support digestion & has been used traditionally to ease menstrual cramps. Chamomile is part of the daisy family, so it has an uplifting effect on the mood & bring warmth & comfort with every sip. Chamomile has a honey like sweetness, making it beautiful in this blend. 


Rose - a herb that uplifts the spirit, rose is a perfect fit in this blend, it is naturally antiinflammatory & helpful during PMS to ease both emotional & physical symptoms. 


Ginger -  ginger is naturally antiinflammatory to help relieve period pain & cramps as well as bringing warmth & heat to the digesitve system to ease period bloating & excess gas. 

Moon Time Botanical Tea

  • Infuse 1-2 teaspoons in 1 cup of hot water (not boiling) & allow to diffuse for 10 minutes to extract all the benefits from the herbs. 

  • This herbal tea blend is NOT SAFE in pregnancy! 

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