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Rosehip Glycetract is like natures Vitamin C tonic. The vitamin C content of rosehips is higher than that found in citrus fruits.


Roseips are also rich in antioxidants & minerals such as folate, vitamins A, B3, D and E along with flavonoids, carotenoids, magnesium, zinc, copper.


Here are some uses of Rosehip Glycetract - 


  • Glowing skin - Rosehip seeds are high in polyunsaturated fats, which support healthy skin membranes and protect your skin from inflammatory compounds, such as ultraviolet (UV) rays, cigarette smoke, and air pollution
  • Anti- ageing benefits - reducing skin wrinkles but increasing skin moisture content and elasticity.
  • Pain & inflammation - rose hips may help relieve osteoarthritis symptoms by combating oxidative stress and inflammation in your joints. 
  • Immune health - rich in vitamin C this is a great daily tonic over the winter periods to boost immunity & ward off the cold & flu symptoms
  • Diabetes support - lowering blood sugar - rosehip extract has been reported to significantly reduce blood glucose levels as well as substantially inhibiting weight gain and/or accumulation of visceral fat.
  • Adrenal fatigue - been used as an exercise tonic to help increase physical performance & boost energy 
  • Stress relief - due to its high mineral & vitamin C content 


This delicous Rosehip glycetract has a slight tart taste & is safe for all to enjoy.

Rosehip Glycetract 50ml

  • This glycerite is bursting with a tart rosehip taste. It can be taken straight into the mouth or mixed with water. 

    Recommended dosage: 30drops (1 dropper full) twice daily. 

    Ingredients: Organic dried rose hips in a base of  palm-free vegetable glycerine & spring water. 

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