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Lavender & Passionflower glycetract, designed to soothe the mind & calm the body for a deep restorative sleep. 


Lavender has many healing benefits - 

  • Nervous tension 
  • Insomnia - sleep onset & maintanance 
  • Mental exhaustion 
  • Panic & anxiety 
  • To lift the mood
  • Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity.
  • Lavenders personality is mothering in nature - bravely overcomes obstacles, is generous with their time and energy to help others and seems to have unlimited energy.


Passionflower - is a nervous system relaxing herb, it helps to calm a "wired but tired" brain & stop the overthinking to slip into a slumber. It helps with both sleep onset & sleep maintenace. Passionflower has a mild earthy taste with a pleasant smell. 


In a glycetract base - making it alcohol free & safe for children 

Lavender Sleep Tonic 50ml

  • This glycerite is bursting with lavender flavor. It can be taken straight into the mouth before bed or mixed with some warm water to become like a herbal tea infusion. 

    Recommended dosage: 30drops 30 minutes before bed.

    Ingredients: Organic dried lavender petals & Oats green, in a base of   palm-free vegetable glycerine & spring water. 

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