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A beautiful uplifting happy herbal tea blend to support mood & relieve nervous tension.


The organic herbs in this blend include - Chamomile, Calendula flowers, Lavender & Vervain 


Chamomile flowers - a bright yellow flower - chamomile envokes the feeling of joy & happiness - it helps to boost our neurotranmitters like serotonin, dopamine & noradrenaline to help support mood & relief anxiety. 


Calendula flowers - calendula flowers have long been  known for offering a sunny side up view of things and helping us to rise above challenges. Another bright coloured flower beneficial for supporting mood. 


Lavender flowers - one of the most beautiful herbs for anxiety & depression, the personality of lavener is  Harmonious, Calming, Caring, Compassionate, Embracing. To encourage someone to bravely overcomes obstacles. 


Vervain - Used by herbalists for centruries to relief depression and mood swings. It is deeply penetrating herb that soothes and sedates the nervous system, to support relaxation and uplifting. Vervain is a wellknown Bach Flower with the positive potential of Vervain is to unwind and accept others' views with wisdom and tolerance, not feeling the need to impose your views on others.

Sunshine Tea

  • Infuse 2 teaspoons in 80 degree hot water for 10 minutes. Drink anytime you feel overwhelmed, anxious or in need of uplifting your mood. 

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