To blend of herbs designed to support the digestive system & ease symptoms of digestive discomfort. 


Each herb in this blend has been chosen for it calminative effects on the digestive system, with the ability to heal the gut. 


Lemon balm - beautiful herb for calming a nervous stomach, lemon balm is also a nervine herb, supporting both our brains. 

Spearmint - part of the mint family with more digestive warming properties, spearmint helps to ease bloating & swollen stomachs. 

Chamomile - a cooling bitter herb chamomile support digestive enzyme production, whilst easing a nervous stomach. 

Meadow sweet - this amazing herb balance hydrocholric acid in the gut making it perfect for easing indigestion & reflux, it has a trophorestorative effect on the digestive system whilst supporting liver health as well. 

Ginger root - a warming digestive herb, ginger can ease nausea & settle an upset stomach whilst boosting digestive enzyme production. 

Star Anise - a warming digestive & bitter herb this sits in beautifully in this blend to bring fire to the digestive system & ease digestive disorders. 

Tummy Tea Blend

  • Brew 1 heaped teaspoon in 200ml of boiling water - allow to sit for 10 minutes then enhoy the healing power of herbs.