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Parasite are actually more common then you may think & they are linked to many acute & chronic health conditions. 


This 3 day Parasite Cleansing Guide is designed to be done around the full moon when parasite come out to breed, play & party! 


It comes with a comprehensive list of do's & don't to kill off parasites as well as 9 delicious easy to make recipes that contain ingredients to expel parasite from the body. 

Parasite Cleansing Guide

  • You can also opt in for more personalised support during your 3 day Parasite Cleanse by adding in Practitoner only, high quality supplements & Herbal medicines to help increase your bodies natural detoxification process. 

    To gain access to this - simply send me a message in the checkout section & I will book you in for an $50 acute consult - which will include a 20 minute consultation with me & supplement prescription (additional charge for supplements)

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