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Seasons' of You 

An Invitation to reconnect with your feminine essence and the wisdom of your menstrual cycle. 

This 5 Week online course is designed to help you lean into your feminine cycle, to discover your superpowers, and learn to listen to your unique rhythms and integrate practices in ways that feel right for you.

The "Season's of You" journey guides you to:

  • Tune into your body’s signals and honour your own rhythms

  • Discover how to care for your needs in each phase of your menstrual cycle

  • Adapt your self-care practices to find balance through all of life’s cycles

  • Develop a compassionate, intuitive approach to balancing your hormones.

Season's of You

A look inside the Course....

Inside the 5 Week "Seasons of Her Group Coaching you will receive:

*5 online modules releases every week - with all the information about your seasons of the cycle & cyclic living essentials

* 3x 40 minutes private consultations - for personalised support with your hormones. 


*Actionable worksheets to help your gain practical application to balance your hormones 

*The "Thriving Cycle Method" - my signature framework that has supported hundred of clients to balanced hormones & cyclic living. 

*4 x 7 day recipe guide for each season of your cycle

*Accountability to keep you on track to heal your hormones & learn how to live in sync with your cycle. 

* My  9+ years of clinical experience in helping hundreds of women live in sync with their cycle & balance their hormones. 

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Early Bird Payment Options

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This Course is like a warm nourishing hug for your womb!


Hi, I'm Sarah Emily

Herbalist, Iridologist & Women's health specialist. 

I have over 9+ years of clinical experience & have supported countless women balance their hormones, live in harmony with their cycles & finally feel empowered by their amazing feminine energy.

In the rush of modern life, we women often override our bodies natural rhythms & cycles, dismissing messages from our bodies and pushing  through fatigue & intuition.

I have designed this course with the modern busy woman in mind, a place where she can come & learn all the things about hormone balancing from the comfort of her own home & still feel supported along the way from a qualified practitioner. 


Meet your Host

Kind words from lovely ladies 


"Being a woman who can do it all has many negative side effects, so it was great getting to understand my monthly hormonal limitations. When properly respecting my cycle my painful symptoms subsided.

During the course I learnt what foods enhance and hinder wellbeing at different times of the month, which was very illuminating! I also now understand why I can feel lousy without external influence! The hormonal balance reigns supreme, respect it and it will respect you back.

Sarah is not judgemental and willing to work with whatever level of effort you’re willing to give to bettering your health."


"Sarah is a fantastic health practitioner and her Women’s Circle seminar was a true reflection of that! I am so grateful I attended and have learnt so many practical tools to improve and understand my pms symptoms better , appreciate the different “seasons” of my cycle and view my period as a monthly report card and reflection of my overall health rather than a burden! I wish every woman could learn Sarah’s approach to this important subject and have recommended the course to many of my friends already!!"


"I loved the Women's Circle course, it helped me understand my body and its limitations, which has been huge help  for my mental health. I also knowing that at certain times of the month due to my cycle I will have less energy has helped me to organise my life to a more optimal outcome. 


Even just simply knowing that there is a reason to how I’m feeling is a huge help. Makes me feel less crazy and helps me understand why I’m reacting in a certain way. 

Sarah is down to earth, approachable, compassionate, realistic and has a very in-depth knowledge that she is continually  striving to broaden. I feel comfortable and confident with Sarahs approach to my health and cannot recommend her enough!"


"I strongly recommend every woman does this wonderful course, it has been an amazing insight into my hormones.I wish I was taught these things sooner.

The information in the course was very practical, I learnt what foods support my hormones & what foods can cause them harm, Sarah also taught us the importance of stress management & self care for each season of the cycle.

Sarah is very knowledgeable, patience & detailed with explaining why things happen the way they do."

Whether you’re brand new to the idea of cycle awareness, a seasoned cycle-charter, or even starting your journey into perimenopause, this Course will give you the permission you need to honour your body & the super powers that come from being a women.

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