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Is your drinking water making you sick?

If there is one piece of health advice I can give you its DRINK MORE WATER!

This is something I am constantly talking to my clients about & recommend they drink 33ml of water per kilo of body weight.

Why? Because at least 60% of the adult body is made up of water, it is absolutely vital for health, we literally can not live without it-

Here are some of the many life giving benefits of drinking ample amounts of water -

  • Constantly circulating the body, is supports cellular energy & health

  • Passes information from tissues

  • Removal of toxins & waste from the body

  • Increases the body's rate of absorbing essential minerals & vitamins from food

  • Lubricates the joints - helping to prevent arthritis & joint pain

  • Helps the digestive system by becoming a natural laxative

  • Needed for the manufacturing of neurotransmitters & hormones - linked to a happy mood, energy & calm nervous system

  • Lubricates the skin cells for vibrant glowing skin

  • Supports healthy weight loss by separating the sensation of thirst from hunger.

  • Boosts the immune system, stimulates the lymphatic system to fight infections

  • Helps with memory, focus & concentration as it nourishes the brain & prevents degenerative brain disorders.

So now we know how vital drinking adequate amounts of water is for our health, does our water quality matter?

In clinic I am constantly asked about alkaline water & what is the best water filter. These questions & also noticing a significant difference in water quality & taste when moving from Adelaide to Sydney prompted this blog post on water quality.

What does 'alkaline water' actually mean?

Alkaline water is really the hardness of the drinking water. Water hardness (alkalinity) refers to the mineral content within the water of particular importance is calcium & magnesium carbonates. Rain water is considered soft as it has not yet come into contact with earth's minerals. So to determine whether water is soft or hard (acid or alkaline) is based on the concentration of minerals contained in the water.

You can see the visible impacts of hard water in the home can be seen in limescale build up inside the plumbing system and on household appliances. When this hard water is heated it can lead to calcium deposit.

Here are some issues with overuse of hard water -

  • Skin issues like eczema & psoriasis - hard water can contribute to dry skin & because hard water is harder to lather, more detergent is required which can further dry out the skin.

  • Dry hair - similar to the above reasons, hard water can leave the hair feeling dry & brittle & even contribute to an itchy scalp.

  • Hard water changes the p.H balance of your skin weakening it as a barrier against harmful bacteria and infections.

  • From a molecular perspective both calcium & magnesium (high in hard water) are considered sedating minerals, whilst sodium (high in soft water) is a stimulating mineral & remember that no mineral works alone so having too much of any mineral is never a good thing.

Did you know the 'alkalinity or hardness' of water varies from state to state here in Australia. With South Australia & Queensland the hardest & Victoria & Tasmania the softest!

When it comes to health benefits or issues, the jury is still out, however, drinking water in it's most natural state & how it naturally exists in nature is always what I opt for & recommend my client drink!

However there are other chemical in our water which are 100% concerning when it comes to our health. Namely fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides & chemical runoffs, all of which have wide reaching negative affects on our health.

  • Fluoride & chlorine have significant impacts on the thyroid gland amongst other things

  • Heavy metals can can mineral imbalances in the body & can cause oxidative damage.

  • Pesticides exposure can lead to reproductive issues & even cancers

  • Chemical run off - I think you get the picture!!!

What can we do to protect our health?

Never drink water straight from the tap.....USE A WATER FILTER!!! I use & recommend to my clients the "Waters Co" brand water filter as they are the leaders in water filter technology & have even won a number of quality awards for water filtration.

Here is a link to their website where you can read up more on why this is the best water filter on the Australian market -

So friends I hope you have a better understanding now on the important of both drinking adequate levels of water but also ensuring it comes from a pure clean source.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comments below :)

In health & happiness

Sarah Emily Herbalist

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