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Protect yourself....Naturally

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Did you know that common commercial sunscreen are full of toxic chemicals, 7 of which are hormone disruptors and toxic to your organs? Not only that, but these nasty ingredients are killing our beautiful corals and sea life. Leaving the once vibrant and colourful reefs, baren like a dessert.

Here are some of the nasty chemicals found in many commercial sunscreens - 

1) Oxybenzone - endocrine and hormone disruptor - can cause eczema reaction over the skin

 2) Octinoxate - another form of xenoestrogens - which can be harmful for humans and wildlife.

3) Retinyl Palmitate - When exposed to the sun's UV rays, retinol compounds break down and produce destructive free radicals that are toxic to cells, damage DNA, and may lead to cancer.

4) Octocrylene - it absorbs the rays and produces oxygen radicals that can damage cells and cause mutation, it accumulates int the body and can be toxin to the environment. 

5) Paraben Preservatives - acute and chronic side effects, can induce allergic reactions, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity. 

We know with our Australian sun beating down, it's super important to be sun wise and protect ourselves from over exposure to the sun, so thankfully we have beautiful natural alternatives for sunscreen, which work just as well, but instead of nasty chemicals they are rich with beneficial ingredients that help to fight free radicals in the body, which cause sunburn (an immune response) as well as often containing antioxidant rich, skin loving oils. 

Some may ask, do they really work though? I can say a big YES to that, since using natural sunscreens I don't get sunburnt (granted I reapply when needed).

So yes, you can trust the natural sunscreen, but you may need to find a brand that is right for you. 

Here is my list of the top 5 natural sunscreens, that are, nourishing for your skin, protective against harmful UV rays and won't hurt our beautiful ocean life - 

1) Uv Natural SPF 30+

2) Eco logical skin care SPF 30+

3) Moo goo Natural tinted sunscreen - great for the face

4) Sunclear SPF 30+

5) Soleo organics SPF 30+

And for a natural after sun spray here is my super natural, super cheap, and easy DIY spray recipe: 

1 leaf of fresh aloe vera gel - the gel spooned out into a jar.

Mix with water - enough to fill the spray bottle 

Add 4 drops of lavender &  frankincense essential oil - shake and leave in fridge untill ready to use. 

You will smell amazing & have soothing cooling skin.

Stay cool, stay protected, stay healthy with any one of these beautiful natural sunscreens. 

In health and happiness

Sarah Emily Herbalist 

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