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The Truth about Salt

Salt! It's bad for your right?!

Well actually did you know that salt is essential for human life. 

It plays a vital role in the regulation of many bodily functionsand is contained in body fluids that transport oxygen and nutrients.

It controls your taste, smell and tactile processes, it's essential for the contraction of muscles,including that largest and most important muscle, the heart, without sufficient sodium your senses would be dulled and your nerves would not function. We even have a designated area on our tongue which taste salt, showing its something we've been created needing. 

However important to note that not all salt has been created equal. Your common table salt is anything but healthy, its poison because it contains next to no minerals it contains fillers, including aluminium and other endocrine distruptors. This common white poison is anything but essential and causes many health issues. 

The salt I'm referring to is either -

Celtic sea saltwhich is hand harvested in the Celtic Sea region using a 2,000-year-old Celtic method, it contains 84 different live elements that are commonly found in sea water. 

Himilayan pink salt with a history dating back to Earth’s creation, it contains all of the elements found in your body and is crucial for optimal health.

Here is a list of someof the amazing benefits of salt - 

- Regulates water consumption throughout the body and is imperative to ensure that dehydration doesn't occur. 

- Helps balance acidity in the cells, in particular the brain - and actually alkaline the body

- Assist in absorption of food particles through in intestinal tract. 

- Assist in digestive health 

- It clears mucous and phlegm from your lungs 

- Its a strong antihistamine 

- Regulates sleep - is a natural carminative/hypnotic 

- Prevents muscle cramps 

- Regulates blood pressure. 

- Increases energy

This "low or no salt consumption" which has been pushed upon us but the medical industry is something new and forgein, as salt has been used for centuriesas both a way of healing, as well as a currency used for trading. The English word "salary" comes from the word salt! So its an important natural elementthat is packed full of health benefits and and inexpensive form of medicine. 

So make the switch from common table salt to either Celticor Himalayan salt (or use a combination of both) and so be scared to add salt into your diet. 

In Health and Happiness 

Sarah Emily Herbalist 

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